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Oxford Fireplace Centre are a small family business - and proud to be so! We thought we should introduce ourselves so that when you come to see us in the shop, or we arrive to quote for your fire - or even come to install your fireplace you know who we are. So we should start, I suppose, with the main man. A bit of a Legend in his own right, although he is no longer steering the ship, he's only a phone call away.

RayName: Ray (Dad)
Job: Previous Owner, now retired but still here when we need him
Catch Phrase: "Want to see a coin trick?"
Drink: Tea, splash of milk, no sugar (but if you ask he will always say "Gin and Tonic" despite the fact that he is T-total!)
Super Power: Incredible memory for faces and places
Nemesis: The clock - All times given for his arrival will be estimates!
Qualifications: Gas Safe and HETAS
Time in the Industry: 27 years


Name: Rebecca (Daughter/Wife)Bex
Job: Managing Director and Owner
Catch Phrase: "You just have do decide on what you want to look at... for the next 30 years."
Drink: Coffee, white and 2 sweeteners
Super Power: Product Knowledge
Nemesis: Driving around Oxford, but I'll do it for our customers!
Time in Industry: 10 Years


Name: Lloyd (Husband/Son in Law)
Job: Director and Owner
Catch Phrase: "Let me just grab a brochure"
Drink: Tea, white, no sugar
Super Power: Fact Checking
Nemesis: Navigating the computer system
Time in Industry: 5 Years


Name: Tony (May as well be family)Tony
Job: Head Installer
Catch Phrase: "Put the kettle on Tom"
Drink: Tea, white, 2 sugars
Super Power: Getting the job done                                                                                                    Nemesis: Kittens!
Qualifications: Gas Safe and HETAS
Time in the Industry: 21 years


TomName: Tom (Same goes for Tom)
Job: Installer
Catch Phrase: "It's in the Van"
Drink : Tea, white, 2 sugars
Super Power: Awesome tea making skills (and always smiley)
Nemesis: Sooty chimneys                                                                                                                Qualifications: HETAS
Time in Industry: 11 Years