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You can always trust the British weather to do exactly what you don't expect. With heavy snowfall forecast up and down the country today and tomorrow it really is still a sensible time to invest in a new fire. If nothing else you will beat the September rush!

Derby Large 3

One of our most Popular displays currently in the showroom is our Derby 3 large by Bellfires with Ceramic back in our custom fireplace that we call the Fiona. Made for us by Worcestershire Stone and Marble it can be made entirely bespoke and from any of over 20 materials.

If you want to see it why not pop in to the showroom. It is fully remote control and balance flue so can be installed in to an existing chimney or as a new installation entirely.

We are looking to build a Gallery of some of our installations on our website. So if you have a fireplace by us why not take a quick snap while it is lit, email it to us and we will show them off proudly. Make sure you mention your name and address in the email and we will send out a small thank you gift courtesy of Oxford Wine Company for every picture we use. If you have a before and after all the better.